Why Spraying is the best choice?

Garage Door Spray coating, Does your garage door still function well, but you are not happy with its appearance? We offer a bespoke, fast, efficient uPVC, Aluminium and Composite Garage Door Spray coating Service to residential and commercial properties all over the Northern & Southern Ireland. At Spratech Upvc we specialise in on-site spray coating any type of garage door, uPVC, metal, composite to fully restore the appearance to ‘look like new’.

Whether you are seeking a cost-effective way to get a great looking garage door (much cheaper than considering replacement), or you are looking to change the look of your garage door by changing the colour, perhaps to match your windows, then look no further, Spraytech Upvc have the solutions for your project.

Why Spraytech Upvc?

When one of our spray coating expert technicians turns up onsite, they will carefully prepare the exterior of the garage door by cleaning off dirt and any old peeling paints-coatings.

We will then carefully mask the surrounds of the garage door as required to protect the rest of the immediate area. The spray coating is then applied by our professional technicians using leading spray coating technology. Using our specialist coatings and equipment we ensure that a uniform coverage is applied, overspray is controlled and the finish of the highest standard with Spraytech . This procedure will make your garage doors look immaculate, ‘like new’, at a fraction of the cost of replacement garage doors.

Spray coating your garage doors has many benefits, It is much more cost effective than replacing. The finishes are extremely smooth and durable ‘like new’. Our experts at SpraytechUpvc can advise you on the range of colours we can make bespoke to you.

We spray around the country, Covering North & South of Ireland with Offices centrally based in Belfast

  • Steel Garage Door
  • Fibreglass Garage Doors
  • Roller Shutter Doors
  • uPVC Garage Doors
  • GRP Garage Doors
  • Aluminium Garage Doors
  • Restoring Saves Time & Money
  • New Smooth Finish Everytime
  • Restoring Is Better For Enviroment
  • Fully Qualified Craftmanship Guranteed Works
  • Customer Satisfaction Quality Assured


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