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Benefits Spraying Over Painting

Industrial spray painting remains a popular choice for professional craftsmen in heavy-duty industries, and provides a fast and economical way to apply high quality paint coatings to a wide range of surfaces at a fraction of the time and cost.

Here are the top 7 reasons many industrial, commercial and marine businesses rely on the multiple benefits of an industrial spray painting system

  • Speed and efficiency. When it comes to spray painting large surface areas such as silos, workshop flooring and large equipment, industrial spray painting can cover a considerable surface area within a matter of hours. This compares favourably to conventional spraying systems, which could take anything between two days and a few weeks to complete the same job.

  • High transfer application. Industrial spray painting systems produce a superior finish at reduced costs, with maximum utilisation of liquid painting materials.

  • Controlled atomisation. Airless spraying is one of the most popular industrial spray systems on the market today. Airless spray systems operate by means of a high-pressure build up, which forces the paint out of the nozzle in a ‘soft’ spray, resulting in a superior high quality finish on all types of surfaces. Applying a thicker paint requires a bigger nozzle and higher expulsion pressure to ensure that the paint particles are sufficiently broken up to produce a fine mist. Nozzle size and shape play an important part in the quality of the application and ultimate outcome of spray painting. Hollow cone, flat stream and full cone nozzles are most commonly used in the commercial painting sector to achieve precision patterns and paint consistency.

  • Versatile applications. Industrial spray painting works with a wide range of liquid materials such as paints, stains and primers, and offers a high degree of control and uniform coverage on surfaces such as wood, metal, plastics and fibreglass.

  • Reduced waste. Many conventional spray painting techniques produce excessive overspray and bounce-back during application, resulting in wastage and poor paint efficiency. Industrial spray painting systems exert a ‘soft’ spray, thereby reducing material wastage and overspray, resulting in a cleaner spray environment and reduced maintenance on booths and filters.
  • Uniform appearance. Due to the reduced compression associated with industrial spray painting equipment, a higher quality paint finish can be achieved with a single application, thereby reducing the need for repeated touch-ups and resprays on the end product.

  • Better spray finish. Industrial spray painting systems apply paint at pressures of up to 6,000 pounds per square inch. Paint particles in the form of tiny droplets are expelled at high pressure to produce a mirror-like finish on a variety of surfaces, including workshop floors, marine tanks, silos, commercial roofing and other surfaces that require a tough, quick-drying paint. Many industrial spray systems offer versatility in the use of a range of materials, from lacquers, stains, primers, acrylics, and fillers to speciality coatings such as high build epoxies and less viscous applications.

  • These benefits largely outweigh any other commercial painting method quite simply because the mass production of commercial heavy duty products such as planes, trains, automobiles, and commercial roofing require fast-paced Industrial spray painting that efficiently delivers exceptional results, at Spraytech we take the lead from heavy Industry and use these benefits for all the services we offer, Speed, Quality better end product being the core of our business model here in Belfast.

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