Upvc Window Spraying Why ?

Spraytech Upvc Spray coating Windows is the best way to transform the look and feel of your property without having the cost and hassle of removing the old existing uPVC Windows. Spray coating uPVC Windows is a process that will modernise your house and give you a long lasting durable finish with no brush marks leaving a factory finish. All of our customers have a fully bespoke colour service for their uPVC Windows. We are the UK’s leading uPVC spray coaters for windows and Upvc products. We are specialists in the colour coating of uPVC windows across the UK and provide the most professional, fast and efficient service. Unlike the uPVC coats (paints) used by so many competitors, our specialist coatings made in the UK at our production facility forms a molecular bond with the surface of the uPVC as opposed to simply adhering to it.

Our products are proven to be industry leading and remain stable in direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions, we can therefore fully guarantee against cracking, peeling and fading of all our products.

We spray coat uPVC Doors around the country, Covering the North & South of Ireland with Offices centrally based in Belfast

Why Spraytech Upvc?

All our spray-coatings for uPVC products and Windows are finished to the highest standard using the latest technology and specialist sprayers. We can offer you an almost infinite range of colours to achieve the colour of your choice, we offer the entire range of RAL CLASSIC, BS colours, NCS, we also offer colours from the Farrow & Ball and Dulux range. We can also be colour match any specification if you have had new uPVC installed.

  • Restoring Saves Time & Money
  • New Smooth Finish Everytime
  • Restoring Is Better For Enviroment
  • Fully Qualified Craftmanship Guranteed Works
  • Customer Satisfaction Quality Assured


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